Upon Further Review: Are Too Many Android Tablets cancelling Themselves Out Against The iPad?


Think about it.  Android is the leading smartphone system  in the United States.  But when it comes to tablets that it is another story.  I own an Android smartphone and my wife has an  iPhone.  When Father’s Day roll around last Sunday, my wife was surprised that I did not want an Android Tablet or an iPad.  There are so many different Android tablets available that none of them can really compete head to head with an iPad.  Also, Android tablets have so many different versions and prices that it makes it so hard to choose which one to buy; therefore, they are cancelling themselves out.  Here’s why: Google has let Android be a semi-open system that manufacturers can add or remove things that they like or dislike at their discretion on their tablets.   Whereas the iPad is a closed system and there is only one manufacturer.

Motorola XOOM was supposed to be an iPad killer – NOT.  The XOOM had every feature that the iPadhad plus more, such as a micro SD card slot.  Guess what,  there were issues with the XOOM such as non function micro SD card storage slot.  Motorola has said there will be an update fix for the European XOOM tablets but no word yet when the fix will happen here in the United States.

How about the ASUS EE Pad Transformer TF101-A1; will it be the next iPad killer?  It is a cool tablet with a keyboard docking station.  It can act as a slow laptop with Android 3.01 system when attached to the docking station.  The only problem that I have found with it is the availability of this tablet in stores.

How about the Viewsonic tablet? It is inexpensive.  Can it compete head to head with iPad?  CNET does not think so (http://reviews.cnet.com/tablets/viewsonic-g-tablet/4505-3126_7-34431221.html).

Or will the Amazon table,t due out later this year, be the iPad killer?  Amazon will own the software from the bottom to the top similar to the iPad.

What do you think?

Ruben Cisneros